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Garden Blitz

It all stated with a group of friends in 2009. Together, they installed 35 raised garden beds in a SINGLE DAY, serendipitously launching Victory Garden Initiative in Milwaukee. 2021 marks their 13th year of the Blitz, and in total, they have installed over 4,500 gardens across Milwaukee and beyond! Plus, there are other sister cities that do their own Blitz. Check out what is happening at Sustainable Berea in Berea, Kentucky and New Leaf Foods in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In the past six years, both organizations have installed over 700 garden beds each!

In 2015, Grow It Forward joined the "Grow Your Own Food Movement," where each year we install 10 or more gardens at homes, schools, pantries, or churches.

Purchase a Raised-Bed Garden

Receive either a 4x4 foot garden bed, or 4x8 foot garden bed delivered, installed, and filled with soil by our volunteers. A garden guide is also provided to ensure success! 

  • 4x4 foot garden bed is $100 each

  • 4x8 foot garden bed is $200 each

Purchase Here

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