Indoor Hydroponic Flex Farm

There is an urgent need for fresh, healthy foods in our community. Each day, more families are turning to our nonprofit to meet their most basic need - healthy food. The time is now for us to act and ensure the vitality of our neighbors and friends.

Given the need for healthy food in our community, compounded by the effects of COVID-19, Fork Farms is partnering with Grow It Forward to set up an indoor Pop-Up Farm with 8 Flex Farm systems. Flex Farms are indoor hydroponic vertical farms that grow significant amounts of fresh food.

Within one week, the Pop-Up Farm can be installed and growing nutritious food. The intent of the Pop-Up Farm is to grow consistent, large quantities of fresh greens for Manitowoc local pantries and community meal sites now and into the future.


  • Produce 1,000 servings of healthy, leafy greens per grow cycle (25-28 days) year round!

  • Leafy greens would be distributed throughout the community by Grow It Forward and our community partners.

  • Additional engagement opportunities

    • Include K-12 curriculum and education in partnership with UW Extension FoodWIse and Fork Farms

    • Volunteer activities throughout the year to plant, harvest and care for the Pop-Up Farm.

    • Special community events such as lettuce luncheons.

Fork Farms & Grow It Forward cannot do it alone. We need the support of the local community to raise the funds necessary to implement the Pop-Up Farm Pop-Up Farm.

Grow It Forward Flex Farm Supporters

Fork Farms
United Healthcare
Fox Cares Foundation
Investors Community Bank

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