Blue Heron Community Farm Plant Sale

Blue Heron Community Farm's online farm is officially open for the 2020 season!

They are currently offering garden transplants for pre-order with several home delivery and pick up options available.


Transplants will be received between May 13-22, depending on what option you select.

See online store for further details.

Lakeshore Vemicomposting

Produced locally at Lakeshore Vermicompost, our vermicompost/worm castings will fill your soil with life, giving you healthier plants, larger flowers and bigger harvests with less work. Discover for yourself why vermicompost is called "Black Gold" and is considered nature's best fertilizer by gardeners all around the globe.

Manitowoc County Compost

See Site for Details

Compost is available for a small fee at the Basswood Compost Site.  Sifted compost has been run through a screen to remove large clumps and debris.  Most people purchase compost to make new garden beds, condition the soil in old garden beds, add to potted plant mix, to seed lawns or as cover for filled areas. It must be purchased at the Recycling Center Main Office during normal operating hours prior to loading.

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