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Grow It Forward's Farm-to-School & Garden-Based Learning Program

Welcome to Grow It Forward's Farm-to-School and Garden Based Learning Program. Our Farm-to-School & Garden-Based Learning activities covers local food, gardening, food preparation, and nutrition topics. Participants gain a more in-depth understanding of the relationship between soil, plants and food, and learn expert recommendations for nutrition and physical activity.

Grow It Forward’s Farm-to-School & Garden-Based Learning Program Goals:

  • Promoting our community's health by providing fresh and minimally processed foods in schools.

  • Supporting the development of healthy eating habits.

  • Increasing the community’s knowledge about agriculture, food, nutrition, and the environment.

  • Introducing local farmers and food producers to our community at large.

  • Introducing horticulture, landscaping, food production, culinary, and urban farming careers to community at large

  • Strengthening local economies by expanding markets for Wisconsin agricultural producers and food entrepreneurs.

  • Fostering relationships between local schools, non-profit agencies, and churches with gardening programs.

  • Participating in Healthiest Manitowoc County Activity and Nutrition coalition, bringing new participants to the table including parents, teachers, local food organizations, school board members, etc.

Highlight of Farm-to-School & Garden-Based Learning Activities:

School programming incorporates science, math, language arts, social studies, and art with hands-on learning for all ages. Programing may be aligned with on-site school gardens, or at our community garden to help students learn about plant identification, growing seasons, composting, pests, what a garden needs to thrive, health, nutrition, literacy, and socialization.

  • Providing lessons about healthy eating choices

  • Taste-testing local foods snack attack/snacktivity, salad bar

  • Cooking classes/demonstrations

  • Community garden activities, outdoor and experiential learning

  • After school activities

  • Meet your producer events

  • Greenhouse & urban farming lessons

Schedule a Farm-to-School & Garden-Based Learning Activity

Provide your classroom, community group, or youth group the opportunity to participate in such popular hands-on activities as caring for a garden, planting, harvesting, and more! Planting seeds and helping them to grow is a great physical, mental, social, and emotional activity.


Programing may take place at:

  • Your School Garden

  • Your Classroom

  • S. 14th Street Community Garden

  • Mission Greens Hydroponic Farm

  • Other

Each lesson/activity/tour is 1-hour in length. Fee is $3/Person ($30 minimum). CLICK HERE to arrange an activity.

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