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We're on a mission to grow, teach, feed, and connect our local food community!


We aim to improve our community's local food supply chain through the following strategies:

  • GROW - We grow more healthy, affordable food for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds by offering guidance and support to those growing produce at our community, school, public private gardens, and through urban farming.

  • TEACH -  We teach, inspire, and increase the number of local food producers & growers, distributors, processors, culinary artists, end-product markets, and local food consumers.

  • FEED - We feed our local economy through local food system improvements and expansion of opportunities that provide affordable pathways for local food entrepreneurs to bring their produce, products, or culinary creations to our community.

  • CONNECT -  We connect consumers to our finest local producers, distributors, processors, culinary artists, and end-product markets.

Our vision is to be recognized as Manitowoc County's Community Leader working to increase and sustain the availability of locally produced food.

As a result of our programs and services, Grow It Forward creates a healthier community with long lasting economic and ecological benefits.


The goal of our programs and services is to reduce gaps in the local food supply chain and provide job creation by helping new local food businesses get the support needed to get up and running.

We are very thankful, grateful, and appreciative of our many sponsors, partnering organizations, donors , individual community supporters, and volunteers whose financial support and service is crucial to us continuing to provide quality programs and services within Manitowoc County

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